Electronic Entertainment Expo

Connecting Through Gaming

The game industry has changed dramatically since the first E3 Expo in 1995, but the annual trade fair has remained the same. The new E3 will transform from a business-oriented trade show to an international platform geared towards gamers and fans, making it easer than ever for game developers to reach an audience beyond the trade show floor.

By mirroring real-life interactions and connections to the virtual world, through streaming platforms like TWITCH, YouTube, AR, VR... gamers and fans alike from around the world will keep E3 relevant in an industry that is connecting to its audience with energy and innovative solutions.
Special Thanks to
Gerardo Herrera, Monica Schlaug



Brand Identity,  Generative Design,  Motion Design,  Environmental Design,  Packaging Design

01.                Logo Mark

To emphasize the idea of interactions, we created a new variable logo consisting of 3 main parts that can change depending on the viewers interaction with it. The new logo streamlines the identity into a strong, flexible monogram, that can adapt to exhibition, print and screen applications.
02.                System

Welcome Kit︎︎︎

Badge + Visitor Guides ︎︎︎

Poster Series︎︎︎

03.                New E3 Experience


Experience Pavilions︎︎︎

We want our visitors to be fully immersed into the game world as soon as they enter the pavilion.

So we explored Virtual and Augmented Reality technology and created new ways for fans to interact with their favorite characters with VR glasses or simply with their phone.

04.                Social, Web & App

05.                Brand Bible

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