Food Culture


Technological and cultural developments blur the boundaries between the familiar binaries of human and nonhuman, culture and nature, and human and animal that have dominated our thinking since the Enlightenment. The notion of what it means to be human in the 21st century no longer reflects the ideas of 18th-century Humanism.

Pabulum is a typographic narrative installation that reexamines our understanding of food and advocates Posthumanism food culture which emphasizes a change in our understanding of the self and its relation to the natural world, technology, biotechnology, and the food system.

Special Thanks to
Tyrone Drake

Poster Series, Typography, Installation, Motion, Augmented Reality, Experience Design, 3D Modeling

Augmented Reality Poste

Immersive Installation + Dinner Party

The Pabulum immersive installation allows visitors to closely interact with the conceptual future food ideas such as “the dogless hotdog”, “the meat cube” and “the bug fries”. Visitors are also invited to join the pabulum dinner party as an intimate event to have a taste of our prototypes and playful experiments for the home cook right from our test kitchen.


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